Channel 4’s ‘My Online Nightmare’: Scam victims are often too embarrassed to speak up

by Vicky Brien

The next story from Channel 4’s ‘My Online Nightmare’ is an extreme case of honey trapping. We meet Gilles Tetreault from Canada, who signs up to Plenty of Fish and starts speaking with an attractive girl online. He decides to meet up with her but instead of meeting in a public place, she asks him to go to her house. He initially finds this odd but he said he would ‘go with the flow’.

He had no idea what he was letting himself in for. When he arrives he is greeted by a masked male who viciously attacks him. Thankfully, he luckily escapes, but through embarrassment, does not tell the police.

Weeks later, Giles finds out from a news story that the same thing happened to another man, but with deadlier results. Thankfully, Giles comes forward and explains what happens to him, resulting in the conviction of the masked man.

Giles’s story of not reporting the case is all too common. Many victims of scamming feel too embarrassed to report how they got scammed. Our advice is to speak up. Don’t feel ashamed about being scammed.

Anyone can be the target of an online scam, but there are steps you can take to keep safe online. Take a look at our top tips here.

What stands out the most in this episode, is the embarrassment some of the victims feel - they feel ashamed about telling family or friends, even the police, about what has happened to them.

Don’t suffer in silence, if you’ve been the target of scams then speak to the police and share your worries with loved ones. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

But don’t forget, not all online stories are like this! My Online Nightmare successfully highlights the extreme dating scams out there, but many relationships online blossom. Our advice is to always take care when speaking with someone online.

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Vicky Brien

Senior Marketing Executive