Worried about using sharing economy sites?

by David Pope

Have you already joined the latest global economic movement…the sharing economy?  Sharing economy websites are where you can rent or borrow holiday houses, cars, other consumer goods or services from people you’ve never met before.  

Perhaps you thought about using one of these services but maybe you were put off because you’re not sure if the website you were about to use checks the identity of the people you will be sharing with.  In fact, the below image is a collection of caveats from some popular sharing economy websites…

identity checks on sharing economy websites

If the caveats in sharing economy websites T&C’s put you off, or if you just aren’t ready to share without first knowing the identity of the person you’ll be sharing with, well don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

In the recent HooYu Trust & Identity Survey we interviewed 1,000 Brits and 1,000 Americans to reveal stats on participation, identity and trust in the sharing economy. We found that 61% of people are unlikely to use a sharing economy site unless they had assurance around the identity of the other party in the transaction.

So if you are worried about using the sharing economy, HooYu has been designed as a simple identity confirmation service where one person can verify the identity of another person. So if you want to know who you’re dealing with and get comfort that the person who you’re sharing with is who they say they are, then HooYu is here to help.  

HooYu is a simple three step process. Firstly, you send an ID confirmation request from the HooYu site.  Secondly, the person you’re dealing with receives your request with your personal message and they use their phone or webcam to take a selfie, take a photo of their passport or driving licence and share their online identity such as their Facebook name or their LinkedIn account.  Thirdly, we crunch all the data to make sure that there is a real person behind their online identity, we check that they have provided a legitimate ID document and that this matches to their selfie and we give you the thumbs up that they are who they say they are.      

So when website T&C’s put you off with scary claims that “User verification on the internet is difficult” or they say that “We cannot and do not confirm each member’s identity”, HooYu is here to help so you can check the identity of the person you’re sharing with.   

David Pope

Marketing Director