So Who’s Ready for Their Summer Holiday?

by David Pope

Sun cream?  CHECK.  Book for lazing by the pool? CHECK. HooYu identity confirmation on the owner of the holiday villa rental of your dreams?  NOT YET?  Well, not to worry, HooYu is a new identity confirmation service you can use so you know who you’re dealing with.  Here’s how to use HooYu so you can worry about one less thing before you go on holiday this summer…

In today’s digital world it’s so easy now with just a few clicks to secure the vacation rental of your dreams. In the click of mouse, you can already picture the family poolside with a cool beer or chilled glass of wine in your hand.  However, before you go and rent that holiday property it pays to to watch out for a few pitfalls along the way…   

Scammers are lurking…

Sadly, even the larger and more successful holiday rentals sites have a small but determined cabal of scammers.  Typically, the scammers advertise a rental property that looks to be a really great deal for the price shown and they also commonly say in their advert to contact them by email if they don’t respond promptly via the site.

Don’t go out of bounds

One of the key confidence tricks that the scammers will use is once contact has been made, they then ask for payment outside of the site’s payment ecosystem.  The victim, lured out of bounds to secure that great rental at that great price then transfers the money directly to the scammer. Of course the person they have “booked” with doesn’t actually even own that property and they are never heard from again.  The site where the rental was advertised then takes the line that the victim has transacted outside of their domain and that they are not liable for any loss.

If want peace of mind, ask the property renter for a HooYu identity confirmation

In general, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. But if you want to know who you’re dealing with and get comfort that the property owner is who they say they are, then HooYu is here to help.   

It’s a simple three step process. Firstly, you send an ID confirmation request from the HooYu site.  Secondly, the person you’re dealing with receives your request with your personal message and they use their phone or webcam to take a selfie, take a photo of their passport or driving licence and share their online identity such as their Facebook name or their Amazon account.  Thirdly, we crunch all the data to make sure that there is a real person behind their online identity, we check that they have provided a legitimate ID document and that this matches to their selfie and we give you the thumbs up that they are who they say they are.       

Happy Holidays!

David Pope

Marketing Director