Nice to meet you, we are HooYu

by David Pope

Welcome to HooYu, we’re happy to announce that today is launch day.  HooYu is an online identity confirmation service so that you can be sure that you know who you're dealing with for important or online transactions.  Here's our very first HooYu blog to explain who we are and what we're setting out to achieve.


So here goes…In today’s digital world we are often forced to take trust for granted and in the main, this works fine. As citizens of the web, we all shop, bank and interact online and we have online identities through social media.

However, that shouldn’t mean that as consumers, we always want to take trust for granted in our online interactions. In fact, sometimes as consumers, we want to be sure that we know who we’re dealing with.

So suppose you’re about to pay another person (who you don’t know) to rent their holiday property.  Or you’re about to buy a used car from somebody you met through some online classifieds.  Perhaps you’ve found a tutor to teach your children piano.  Or you might be participating in the sharing economy and ride-sharing or even handing over the keys to your under-used and idle car.   

In some of these instances, the site you are using might have pre-verified the identity of the person you’re about to transact with.   If they haven’t, or even if they have, and you don’t want to leave it to chance, that’s where HooYu comes in. HooYu is an easy to use website that people can use to send an identity confirmation request to another person.    

It’s a simple three step process. Firstly, you send an ID confirmation request from the HooYu site.  Secondly, the person you’re dealing with receives their request with your personal message and they use their phone or webcam to take a selfie, take a photo of their passport or driving licence and share their online identity such as Facebook or LinkedIn.  Thirdly, we crunch all the data to make sure that there is a real person behind their online identity, we check that they have provided a legitimate ID document and that this matches to their selfie and we give you the thumbs up that they are who they say they are.       

The team behind HooYu has been working in online identity technologies since the early days of the web and we’ve helped thousands of businesses to know that their customers are who they say they are. 

Hooyu, our latest business, is designed with you, the consumer, in mind so you can now have the ability to confirm another person’s identity, just like big businesses do every time you transact with them online.      

David Pope

Marketing Director