Clever ID check technology is just for businesses, right?

by David Pope

In today’s online world, big banks and innovative online businesses are constantly using complex and expensive ID check technologies to make sure that their customers are who they say they are.  Businesses invest time and money to remain vigilant and make sure they don’t get hit by fraudsters.  IP address look-ups, geo-location, network analysis, scoring engines, database checks, negative data…the list goes on. 

And this clever ID check technology is just for businesses right?  WRONG! We’ve recently launched HooYu to make ID checking technology available to all people as they go about their digital lives. 

Through history there are plenty of examples of high-end technology ending up in our homes or our pockets.  The cordless vacuum cleaner?  That began life as a technology on the Apollo and Gemini moon landing craft.  The GPS in your phone?  A military technology that now helps us find the nearest coffee shop. The lightweight alloys in your bike and tennis racket?  Originally developed for spacecraft construction.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous example of technology filtering from businesses to consumers is that of the PC, which is itself now destined to become a casualty of the pace of technological change. Originally mobile phones were the preserve of the flashy businessman who had to be connected at all times.  How times change!     

So at HooYu, we want to bring to consumers the ability that big business has enjoyed for some time now.  That's because in today's digital world, it’s not just businesses that want to check a person’s identity.  The parent who wants to check the identity of their child’s piano teacher.  The property owner who wants to check the ID of the person renting their holiday house.  The consumer that wants peace of mind when buying a used car from somebody they met through online classifieds.  The landlord who by law has to check the ID documents of their tenants.

There are scores of situations where consumers would love to have access to the ID check tools that to date have been solely for businesses. ID check technology isn’t just for businesses and at HooYu we’re making it simple and easy to access for everyday consumers.  Watch our How-It-Works video here



David Pope

Marketing Director