In The News: HooYu helps prevent against holiday hell by checking who you are dealing with is legitimate.

by Simon Kelman

Last weekend HooYu appeared in The Mail On Sunday in article that looked at how to beat holiday booking scams.

Mail on Sunday

In 2017 hundreds of people a week fell victim to holiday fraudsters and innocent victims paid thousands of pounds to stay in properties that didn’t exist. In a bid to prevent people falling victim to these crimes in 2018 the Mail On Sunday spoke with HooYu’s marketing director David Pope who told them;

“We recommend a holidaymaker warns the owner this is going to happen. If they are genuine there should be no problem. If they resist then that should raise suspicions. We had one woman who was about to transfer thousands of pounds for a villa. She told them a request would come from us but then they stopped all communication.”

HooYu can help prevent travellers becoming a victim of rental fraud by helping them verify who they are dealing with is genuine. As more people embrace services like AirBnB, more fraudsters will take advantage of the anonymity these services are able to offer them. However, HooYu wants to make sure you can still use these sites with confidence, just by adding some precautions and making a simple HooYu check.

You can read the Mail On Sunday article here.

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Simon Kelman