Interview: Facebook Live Video with Mary Turner Thomson, Author of The Bigamist

by Vicky Brien

“Nobody should ever have to be ashamed of being the victim of a crime” is just one piece of advice for scam victims Mary Turner Thomson had to share in our recent Facebook Live interview.

Mary, author of The Bigamist and who recently appeared in Channel 4’s documentary, My Online Nightmare, became the victim of a bigamy scam in the early 2000’s. Her book The Bigamist explains the shocking, true life story of how her ex-partner conned her out of nearly £200,000 to then find out he had multiple wives and children spanning across lots of countries.

In our Facebook Live interview with her, Mary shares snippets of her fascinating story and explains how victims of scams should not be afraid or ashamed to come forward. She discusses how this culture of “victim shaming” causes individuals to keep quiet, which shouldn’t be the case. 

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Vicky Brien

Senior Marketing Executive