What is Catfishing? Fake profiles and dating scams are on the rise.

If you’ve never heard of catfishing, it’s only just made it into the dictionaries so you’re not alone. Online dating has become more and more socially acceptable, almost the norm for meeting someone special. This has attracted a particular type of person, the Catfish.

The Catfish will typically source a glamorous, attractive photo (from google images) and structure their profile to be impressive to their target, baiting them just right, in order to reel them in for nefarious reasons.

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“Angela” – don’t send him the money!!

Quite a few of our customers are using HooYu because they’ve been talking to somebody online in a romantic context, but have a suspicion that this new person that’s come into their lives isn’t all they seem to be…

This blog post is to share insight from customers like “Angela from Alabama” (name has been changed to preserve anonymity) who have been wise enough to use HooYu to make sure they know who they’re dealing with.


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Have you received a HooYu ID check request?


If you’ve received a HooYu ID confirmation request from someone so they can build trust and confidence before transacting with you, then read on. Here’s a blog post so you know what you’ll have to do and you can even watch our 90 second video to see HooYu step by step.

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How do you trust a stranger online?

HooYu is an online identity confirmation service to make it easier to build confidence and trust for today’s digital world.  Here’s our latest blog with insight from research we commissioned to understand how identity checks can increase trust between strangers for online transactions.  

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Worried about using sharing economy sites?

Have you already joined the latest global economic movement…the sharing economy?  Sharing economy websites are where you can rent or borrow holiday houses, cars, other consumer goods or services from people you’ve never met before.  

Perhaps you thought about using one of these services but maybe you were put off because you’re not sure if the website you were about to use checks the identity of the people you will be sharing with.  In fact, the below image is a collection of caveats from some popular sharing economy websites…

identity fears in sharing economy


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So Who’s Ready for Their Summer Holiday?


Sun cream?  CHECK.  Book for lazing by the pool? CHECK. HooYu identity confirmation on the owner of the holiday villa rental of your dreams?  NOT YET?  Well, not to worry, HooYu is a new identity confirmation service you can use so you know who you’re dealing with.  Here’s how to use HooYu so you can worry about one less thing before you go on holiday this summer…

In today’s digital world it’s so easy now with just a few clicks to secure the vacation rental of your dreams. In the click of mouse, you can already picture the family poolside with a cool beer or chilled glass of wine in your hand.  However, before you go and rent that holiday property it pays to to watch out for a few pitfalls along the way…   

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61% of people don’t want to take trust for granted

In today’s increasingly digital world we are all often forced to take trust for granted. When you’re about to transact online with someone for a peer-to peer transaction but you want to be sure that they are who they say they are, it can often seem like a leap of faith.

In this blog the team from HooYu will share some interesting stats on people’s attitudes to trust online.

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Clever ID check technology is just for businesses, right?

In today’s online world, big banks and innovative online businesses are constantly using complex and expensive ID check technologies to make sure that their customers are who they say they are.  

And this clever ID check technology is just for businesses right?  WRONG!  We’ve recently launched HooYu to make ID checking technology available to all people as they go about their digital lives...

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Nice to meet you, we are HooYu

Welcome to HooYu, we’re happy to announce that today is launch day so here's our very first HooYu blog to explain who we are and what we're setting out to achieve.

So here goes. In today’s digital world we are often forced to take trust for granted...

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