Selling a car with HooYu

One of the biggest choices you face when buying a new car is working out whether to sell your old car privately, part exchange it with the dealer or use a car buying service. The latter two options almost always involve getting reduced sales value, whilst getting you more money opens you up to a world of “time wasters” and “conmen”.

We recently helped one of our users, Simon, who sold his car privately online to make sure he knew who he was dealing with.

Selling a car

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Press Release: Majority of people are unable to spot fake passports new research reveals

22 February 2017, London, UK – Leading identity confirmation service, HooYu, today released the results of new research examining how well the general public are able to identify fake passports.

The research shows how the public is at risk. In a new study conducted by Atomik research, a sample of 1,013 people were asked to identify if a passport was a real document or a fake. The results showed that 68% of the time people are unable to correctly identify a fake passport.

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HooYu’s top tips for making sure you’re dating online safely

As Valentine’s Day comes around more singletons are signing up to online dating websites. Whilst this can be a great way to find true love you also need to be on the lookout for fraudsters trying to win your affection and asking for money. Whatever the reason, be it them arranging to visit you, or help out with a family emergency never give money to someone you have only ever spoken to online, and if in doubt check who they are with a HooYu.

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Happy Safer Internet Day with HooYu!

Today is Safer Internet Day, now in its 14th year, it helps promote safer and more responsible use of the Internet. 

This year the theme is “Be the change: unite for a better internet”. The focus is on how people interact with one another online, and the positive outcomes it can generate, whilst helping to promote a ‘better’ internet.

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HooYu wins the Identity Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank at Payments International Summit 2016

Last week we were invited to stick our heads into the dragons’ den at the prestigious Payments International conference in London.  This sort of event, also known as a Shark Tank is where growth companies like HooYu are invited to pitch in front of a panel of seasoned experts who after posing fiendishly difficult questions then pronounce their verdict. 

The HooYu team is happy to say that we won the Shark Tank, winning both the popular audience vote and the blessing of the sharks.  Here’s a blog post to share three reasons why we won this award…

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What is Catfishing? Fake profiles and dating scams are on the rise.

If you’ve never heard of catfishing, it’s only just made it into the dictionaries so you’re not alone. Online dating has become more and more socially acceptable, almost the norm for meeting someone special. This has attracted a particular type of person, the Catfish.

The Catfish will typically source a glamorous, attractive photo (from google images) and structure their profile to be impressive to their target, baiting them just right, in order to reel them in for nefarious reasons.

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“Angela” – don’t send him the money!!

Quite a few of our customers are using HooYu because they’ve been talking to somebody online in a romantic context, but have a suspicion that this new person that’s come into their lives isn’t all they seem to be…

This blog post is to share insight from customers like “Angela from Alabama” (name has been changed to preserve anonymity) who have been wise enough to use HooYu to make sure they know who they’re dealing with.


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