Verification Process

1 You Invite

All you need is their mobile number or email address, we will send them an email or a text to request their identity information.

Send Request

2 They Upload

The person you sent the ID request to then uploads their information, as easily as taking a picture with their camera phone!

What we request:
  • Selfie
  • Online Credentials
  • Official Identity Document

3 We Validate

The HooYu Identity Engine cross-checks and analyses hundreds of data points from the information provided to prove they are who they say they are.

4 We send you the results!

We email you as soon as the process is complete and you can view the ID report in your HooYu account.

On completion we will delete users' document images and social data from HooYu. We will only store or share information that users have chosen to provide to the requester. You can read more about HooYu's philosophy and mission here, or should you need more help, visit our frequently asked questions page