Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are accepted by HooYu?
How long is my data stored?
Does HooYu gain access to my social profile username and password?
What does Unconfirmed mean?
I don’t know why I received this request
What does the person requesting the ID verification see?
I don’t have a Webcam on my PC, can I still complete the verification?
How do I make sure my document is readable?
How can I delete my data?

Customer Services Office Hours

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Saturday and Sunday – Closed

In our help section we hope to cover a lot of the questions that you may have about the HooYu service, however if we have missed something and you need our help please email us on

We will respond to your request as quickly as possible. If your inquiry is during business hours, we aim to respond within the hour. All other enquiries are answered within 24 hours unless sent over the weekend , in which case, we will respond the next working day.

If you wish to write to us, then please do so at:

Customer Services
HooYu Ltd
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What documents are accepted by HooYu?

HooYu supports most government issued Passports, National Identity cards and Driving licences that conform to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) machine readable standard. These include;

  • Passports
  • National Identity Card
  • EU Drivers Licences

HooYu does NOT currently support the following documents;

  • Any handwritten documents
  • International Visas
  • Student cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Medical cards
  • Documents written in Non Latin characters including Arabic, Cyrillic, Logographic (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese), Thai and Malay.


How long is my data stored?

HooYu will delete all copies of your documents and any social profile data as soon as the results have been sent to the requestor. HooYu will retain your HooYu account profile information and summary confirmation results that were sent to the requester as a record of the transaction. This information is clearly visible to you at completion of the verification process.

If you begin the verification process and do not complete before 72 hours, your data will be deleted and you will have to start again.


What does Unconfirmed mean?

If HooYu was unable to confirm your identity it is because there was not enough information provided to establish your identity confidently.

Possible reasons may include;

  • You have only submitted 1 source of identity information, try and submit at least 2 independent sources (Documents and/or Social Profiles)
  • Your document was unreadable or unrecognised
  • Your Selfie could not be matched to any document pass photo or social profile picture
  • Your social profiles were incomplete or missing key elements used to verify your identity
  • You selected “I don’t have anything else to add” before we could confirm your identity. HooYu will autocomplete as soon as you have provided enough detail.
  • The name details provided by the requester did not match the name shown on your official documents or social profiles. Inform the requester of your correct name and ask them to resubmit the request.

To be able to confirm your identity you can try adding more social profiles or additional documents. HooYu will automatically let you know when you have provided enough information to be confirmed.


I don’t know why I received this request

If you have received a request from HooYu and do not recognise the person sending you the request you should not proceed with the verification. Please forward the SMS or email to us at or click on the link “I don’t want to confirm my identity” link on the welcome page.


What data does the person requesting the identity verification see?

The person making the request will receive summary information about your identity. At no point does HooYu disclose your social profile data or reveal any copies of your identity documents to the requestor.

The requestor will see a report including;

  • Name, email address & phone number to evidence we have identified the correct person.
  • Your selfie picture
  • A series of badges to indicate key values pertaining to your confirmation

You have the option to include additional contact details should you wish to share them but you must actively choose to share these before they are disclosed to the requestor.


Does HooYu gain access to my social profile username and password?

No, HooYu does not gain access to your social profile username and password. Services such as Facebook connect and sign in with LinkedIn are controlled and maintained by the social network themselves. These services allow HooYu to register your details and evaluate your ownership of these profiles only.


I don’t have a Webcam on my PC can I still complete the verification?

Thats ok, you have the option to complete the verification process by selecting the mobile icon on the verification page. This will allow you to transfer the request to your smartphone to complete the process. You will be able to use the camera on your phone to submit documents and selfies.


How do I make sure my document is readable?

Submitting document copies can be tricky but there are a few simple steps you can take to achieve the best possible results. These include;

  • Make sure the document is laid out flat on a table or other level surface.
  • Make sure the entire document is visible, don’t crop any part of the document
  • Don’t have the camera too close or too far away from the document
  • Avoid overhead lighting, if you see light reflecting on the document we may not be able to read it. Natural lighting is best.
  • Turn your camera flash off
  • Position the camera directly over the document, avoid taking the image from an angle
  • Position the document squarely within the camera screen, avoid rotating the document left or right.
  • Make sure the picture is in focus, all text is readable and not blurry.

Instant feedback is provided when uploading documents to help you load a good image and following these steps will ensure the best results.


How can I delete my data?

If you want to terminate your HooYu account, email us at with details of your account (username, email address, first name and last name). For security we will confirm to you by email before closing your account. When confirmed your account will be closed and your ability to log in deactivated immediately.