Know who you're dealing with

HooYu is an identity confirmation service you can use to confirm a person’s identity in real time. HooYu does this without the need to share your sensitive personal information, or have it stored online!

4 quick steps to confirm identity

1. Invite "Bob" to verify his ID

All you need is his phone number or email address.

2. Bob receives a HooYu link with a message from you.

He provides his online identity & ID documents.

3. We validate his information

We analyse and verify Bob's selfie, digital footprint and ID documents.

4. We email you the results

To confirm if Bob is Bob!

How it Works

Trust in a digital world

HooYu mobile application
  • In today’s digital world we're often forced to take trust for granted but that doesn’t mean that we have to. When you’re about to transact with someone and you want to be sure they are who they say they are, you can ask them to do a HooYu ID confirmation with you.

  • We help build trust and security

    HooYu is an easy and safe to use ID checking service that uses online and social media identity data, ID documents and facial biometric checks to prove that a person is who they say they are.

  • Once HooYu has checked and confirmed an identity, both parties receive an identity report. Then HooYu deletes the data used to make the identity confirmation and will only store or share information you have chosen to provide to the requestor.

Received a HooYu verification request?

Watch our video to see how you can HooYu!

Safe & Secure

We do not share or store data without your permission

Fast & Simple

Takes less than 2 minutes

Anyone & Anywhere

From your mobile device or computer

Want to know who you're dealing with?

Confirm Your Identity

Trusted by Businesses

“HooYu helps us add another layer of trust and safety to our marketplace. Our vehicle owners know that we proactively verify the identity of our users.

HooYu helps us make our customer journey more efficient and smooth whilst helping to ensure we are in line with customer identity checking compliance.”